For critical consumers, a filtered, clean and reliable power supply is of enormous importance. The U POWER HPCON systems deliver clean energy to critical consumers with a time-limited bridging option . These UPS systems have been specially developed for unstable networks. The HITZINGER Power Conditioning (HPCON) UPS systems guarantee guaranteed performance thanks to the reliable network stabilization and network filtering of harmonics, voltage spikes, voltage drops and frequency errors. At any time. All over.

Clean Power: HPCON UPS system

Dynamic UPS systems from HITZINGER are used to achieve a constant, uninterrupted power supply of high quality and to avoid standstills and failures in critical processes. The current regulation guarantees extremely low tolerances in the voltage profile and voltage value in the event of a mains failure. Accordingly, the HPCONUPS systems are suitable for clean energy systems or clean energy solutions and for current and voltage control.

Areas of application of the Dynamic UPS

Dynamic UPS systems , also known as DDUPS, such as HPCONfrom HITZINGER, are used for network stabilization including frequency stabilization, voltage and current stabilization. HPCON UPS systems offer a number of advantages over conventional UPSsystems, such as the grid stabilization of natural energy sources (such as wind energy, photovoltaic, hydropower); The smoothing of fluctuating frequencies in island systems; As a mains filter for sensitive electrical loads, for network support, voltage and frequency stabilization, and much more.

Technical Specifications

performance classes

  • Performance from 100 kVA up to 2500 kVA
  • Voltages from 400 V to 11 kV
  • Frequencies of 50 Hz, 60 Hz
  • Use of the autonomy time for maximum short-time bridging



  • Stationary setup
  • Container design
  • Deceived execution


  • Ambient temperature: -30 ° C to + 50 ° C
  • Noise level: up to 45 dB (A) in 3 m


  • IEC 60034-1
  • IEC / EN 88528-11
  • Other standards (eg UIC, EN, IEC, ISO, UL) according to requirements

Technical Highlights

  • Mains stabilization and filtering of harmonics, voltage spikes, voltage drops and frequency errors.
  • U POWER systems operate with voltages up to 11 kV, which offers advantages such as lower losses and higher reliability due to component minimization, including the elimination of the “step-up” transformers.
  • Preventive plant protection to increase service life, plant monitoring, winding temperature monitoring, vibration monitoring, …
  • Reduced downtime / maintenance intervals by automatic lubrication devices, with the advantage of a completely contactless excitation device (“brushless design”) of the generator further strengthened, Tropensonderbeschichtungen
  • As a general contractor, we are able to realize complete “TURN-KEY” projects including engineering, execution planning, production with subsequent factory acceptance, delivery and on-site assembly.
  • Efficiency-optimized design for lowest losses in stand-by mode.
  • EMV approved, long-life modular control, 15.4 inch touch panel with intuitive user guidance.

Execution Variations and Options

  • Redundant versions (system / control redundant, ..)
  • Extensive communication interfaces (Profibus, Profinet, Modbus, ..)
  • Circuit-breaker variants 3-pole, 4-pole, withdrawable …
  • Information about the current system status via remote maintenance via W-LAN