Rotary UPS

                  Rotary Dynamic UPS


Still using battery for UPS backup.

only have limited backup time.

Go for no battery backup.

save room space- no huge space for battery compartment, *no air-condition for room-required normal ambiance temperature, smaller room requirement- no need for extra generator for battery backup. *backup for no time limit.

can be design to combine with UPS/EPS or integrate/support the EPS.(normal building genset)


NBDD: Power protection through rotary UPS


Technical highlights

  • Stabilisation and filtering to protect consumers from harmonic oscillations, voltage peaks, voltage drops and frequency faults.
  • Cutting edge engine technology ensures low-polluting emissions of our systems. As an option, our systems can also be designed for optimum fuel economy.
  • Hitzinger alternators generate voltages of up to 11 kV independently, which offers benefits such as low losses and greater reliability thanks to minimisation of components and absence of step-up transformers.
  • Preventive system protection for prolonged service life, system monitoring, coil temperature monitoring, vibration monitoring, …
  • No downtimes/all but the most essential maintenance is eliminated by automatic lubrication systems, special engine air cleaners and fuel filters that can be switched over during operation.
  • As a general contractor, we are able to realise complete turnkey projects, including aspects such as engineering, execution planning, production with subsequent factory approval, delivery and local installation.
  • Efficiency-optimised version with up to 97 % for lowest running costs and lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) with respect to system service life.
  • Redundant start-up. In the worst case scenario where the starter batteries fail or the starter is defective, a back-up solution brings the engine up to speed and the system continues to guarantee an uninterrupted supply to critical consumers.
  • “Black start”: In the absence of a grid voltage, the system can be put into operation by use of batteries or air starters – nothing should prevent the supply of power to your consumers.
  • EMC-tested, longlife modular controller, with intuitive user menu navigation.

Variants and options

  • Container version
  • Enclosed version
  • Air-start systems
  • Redundancy variants (system-/controller-redundant,..)
  • Comprehensive communications interfaces (Profibus, Profinet, Modbus,..)
  • Circuit breaker variants including 3-pole, 4-pole, plug-in technology,…
  • Manual bypass
  • Remote maintenance access to information on current system state via W-LAN
  • Touchpanel for displaying complete system
  • Comprehensive and specially tailored customer-specific factory approvals and training
  • Extended periods of warranty

Technical data

Power classes

  • Power ratings from 100 kVA to 1,000 kVA
  • Voltages from 400 V to 11 kV
  • Frequencies from 50 Hz to 60 Hz


  • Stationary setup
  • Container version
  • Enclosed version


  • Ambient temperature: -30 °C to +50 °C
  • Noise level: up to 45 dB(A) at 3 m


  • ISO 3046
  • IEC 60034-1
  • ÖVE/ÖNORM 8001
  • ÖVE/ÖNORM 8002
  • ÖVE/ÖNORM 8007
  • IEC / EN 88528-11
  • CAT I, CAT II of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
  • other standards (e.g. UIC, EN, IEC, ISO, UL) to requirements