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Qudrad Systems & Technology Sdn Bhd (QST) was established in 1994 and aspires to be a company that provides state of the art products with reliable and quality professional services.

In QST, we believe in tailoring our services to the needs of our customers so that our solutions meet their expectations and ensure their satisfaction.

Our motto ? Total Solutions? encompasses:
-Feasibility Studies
-System Design
-Project Planning and Management
-Install, Test, Commissioning inclusive of Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT)
-Repair, Service, Overhaul and Refurbishment
-After Sales Support

Product.                                                               What We Do

  • Kinetic UPS  (NBDK)                                                           –Diagnostics & Inspections
  • Rotary UPS (NBDD)                                                             –Engine Repairs & Maintenance
  • U Power HPCON UPS                                                           –Modification and Upgrading
  • Static UPS                                                                              –Installation & Commissioning
  • Generator Set                                                                       –Training of installed machine
  • Frequency Converter (50Hz-400Hz)                                    -Supplying All Kind of Spares
  • Frequency Converter (60Hz-400Hz)                                    -Supplying Batteries
  • Airport Equipment & Support
  • Electric Fence
  • Led Lighting